Value Proposition

Value Proposition

The Story so Far

Challenging Global Business Context

Following Major Crisis and Failure Stories, the attention and focus of Key Stakeholders has shifted more prominently towards Resilience. Experiences such as high profile outages and major service disruptions caused dramatic impacts on both consumers and providers, in many cases resulting in mistrust in Major Players and their capabilities in Resilience, loss of bulk customer groups and market share, hard to regain Reputational and Financial losses.

On top of rising media, political and regulatory attention on incidents and crisis, the business context is changing rapidly. Financial Service Industry and the Service Providers involved are also in radar screen; the reason being that if the Financial Services Industry works well in an eco-system, then it creates growth, prosperity and a peace of mind for hundreds of millions of people.

It’s quite easy to see why resilience is such a challenge. It faces a complex set of internal pressures and dependencies, such as legacy, technology, landscape, cost and resource pressure, as well as a growing set of external stress such as technical innovations, changing customer and other stakeholder expectations, increased risks and threats and broader operations eco-system.


50 Shades of Risk & Resilience

We can’t predict the future and we can’t control what will happen next. What we can control is our preparation for it and our reaction to it.

It’s clear that a key challenge for today’s Business Context is the need to integrate the Resilience components into a holistic, but also a lean, simple, agile and sustainable approach, breaking down the existing organizational, operational and tactical silos and old-fashioned way of doing business.

Resilence.etc Team has been working on a holistic, tailored approach to create a “Resilient” World via a dedicated 5*10 named as «50 Shades of Risk & Resilience » considering;

- Maturity Assessment and Design of the Journey;

- C-Suite Oversight

- Target Operating Model

- Scenario and Planning

- Coaching the Implementation

- Culture, Capacity Building and Learning

- Introducing Tools and Enablers

Value Proposition

creating a value-adding
Coaching and Exchanging Platform

Willing to be the Trusted Advisor and Sole Partner for our Clients

Menthoring for C Suite and
the Leaders; 1
Coaching for Risk and Resilience
Practicioners; 2
Creating A Platform matching Business Needs with High End Expertice and the «Good» Sole Partners. 3
Art of Risk & Resilience
Art of Risk & Resilience Holistic and Agile Risk and Resilience Practice designed and implemented based on your needs.
Risk Transformation
Risk Transformation The New Age Risk Management requires Transformation and a new Look…
Resilience Practice
Resilience Practice End-to-End Resilence covering Business Continuity, Disaster Recovery, Crisis Management and Tactical
Crisis Coaching
Crisis Coaching the best fit Crisis Management with lean, simple and practical deliverables.
Simulation Gaming
Simulation Gaming Are you Ready to Change the Rules of the Game
Business Continuity
Business Continuity No more Chance ! Operational Resilience is a must for todays business context.
Technology Resilience & Disaster Recovery
Technology Resilience & Disaster Recovery The Ditigal Age… Technology Resilience is not an option anymore !
Control Universe
Control Universe Control Effectiveness is the ultimate goal !
Cyber Resilience
Cyber Resilience Cyber War !. The new Threat of the World..
Vendor Resilience
Vendor Resilience Risk to be Mitigated: Failure of Service Provider 
Safety Practice
Safety Practice Behaviour Based Safety – the future of Mindfull Safety
Institute of Resilience
Institute of Resilience Certification Hub for Risk and Resilience Professionals Ready to get Certified !
Coaching Take a Deep Breath with “Nefes Odası”
Contingency / Office Solutions
Contingency / Office Solutions Your Office is Ready. Anything else ?.
Software Solution
Software Solution The Toolbox for Risk and Resilience Professionals Turn key solutions…
Staffing and Loan Program
Staffing and Loan Program Best Talented Professionals for your teams…
COVID Resilience People First, Resilience Next…

Loving what you do…

in to our Projects
Professionals within the Exchange Network
Professionals pitching in as SME
years (in average) of Experience within the Team
Sole Partners involved

How do we Serve

A We become the Sole Partners and Trusted Advisors for our clients and create a clear road map for the future footprint of their businesses.
B For C Suite and Leaders, our experienced team creates sustainable solutions and craft management programs tailor-designed to their particular obstacles.
C Institute of Resilience in collaboration with DRI International and Sabancı University provides certified training practices, adapting an effective training approach.
D Through our coaching platform, we match business professionals and corporations with high-end Risk and Resilience experts to guide them through their journey.

Our Approach

Our Approach

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