What if you are more resilient than you believe you are
Welcome to Resilience.

The Mean

Mindful Resilience.

Resilience is the grounded state of effectively coping with challenges rising up from unexpected events and unpredictibles. To talk about Mindfulness, Resilience Culture needs to be built-up with a holistic approach, developing appropriate Values and Behaviours, embedded in the Culture, and making Resilience a top agenda item for C Suite.

Resilence.etc will focus on creating a mindfull resilience practice for the Community, with proper training and awareness activities for the Network and Organisations, to coach the Professionals for a resilient organisation with its culture, the way of thinking, the governance and its practices.

Our Mission

Become Your Trusted Advisor

We aim to provide guidance to the Community throughout the challenges and unpredictables, by coaching and exchanging to create a mindfull and resilient working World for the Community and Ourselves.

Risk Transformation

Enterprise Risk Management Framework transforms the current practices into a holistic, end-to-end practice, in reference to the Strategies of the Organisation, creating the Risk Oversight, Capacity, Appetite and Tolerance, designing a Target Operating Model, Mindfulness and Culture, redefining the Risk Universe and the way to manage the Threats to the Organisation, implementing a tailored Risk Control, Mitigation, and/or Transfer, managing the performance with Key Controls and Indicators, introducing best-in-class ERM Standards and Tools with a sofware for a sustainable process in place.

The Art of Resilience

Resilience.etc Team believes in a real need of a holistic, dedicated and well-maintained Resilience Practice. In order to achieve this, we focus on the Strategy of the Organisation, the Culture, the Stakeholders and also the Enterprise Level Risks and Threats, creating an appropriate Governance Model, working out the potential Scenarios, Response and Recovery Strategies and long-term approach to sustain the business for Organisations. Resilience.etc Team aims to design a tailor-made Resilience Practice for Organisations, re-defining Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery, integrated with Crisis Management and being supported by tactical plans for prioritised Threats such as Natural Disasters, Geopolitical, Operational, Reputational, Financial, Cyber and else.

Crisis Coaching

Resilience.etc Professionals on board to structure the fittest Operating Model for Crisis Management. We design an appropriate governance structure, developing capacity and key capabilities, coaching the Crisis Team, planning for selected scenarios, arranging the tools and enablers, and challing with tailored Simulation and gaming events.

Certification Hub

The Institute of Resilience provides Exclusive Certification Courses of Risk and Resilience in coop with FERMA and DRI International, delivering Risk and Resilience Master Program and one-on-one Coaching for Executives and Risk & Resilience Professionals. The Institute aims to enhance the capacity and capabilities of Professionals and create a sustainable, competent team on board.

The Service Center

Resilience.etc provides a set of strategic arrangements and managed services with a mission to deliver a well-defined, value-adding services on a recurring or annuity basis, in the end increasing the organizations' value via full transfer of responsibilities including people, assets and processes.

Professionals on Board

The Staffing and Loan Program offers a network of Professionals coaching both parties through their journey. We match the highest caliber of Talents and Certified Professionals for “hard to fill” senior and operational Risk and Resilience positions and keep maintaining the key competencies as a service center.
«it» will invest for the future of our Community and a Resilient Working World; and we’ll make this happen together, by sharing, exchanging, experiencing, challenging and coaching.

Ender Bebek, Founder and Managing Partner, Resilience.etc Consulting

350  +
1000  +
Professionals within the Exchange Network
40  +
Professionals pitching in as SME
20  +
years (in average) of Experience within the Team
20  +
Sole Partners involved

We can’t predict the future and we can’t control
what will happen next.  What we can control is our preparation for it and our reaction to it.

It’s clear that a key challenge for today’s Business Context is the need to integrate the Resilience components into a holistic approach, with a lean, simple, agile and sustainable approach, breaking down the existing organizational, operational and tactical silos and old-fashioned way of doing business.

Resilence.etc Team has been working on a holistic, tailored approach  to create a “Resilient” World via a private program considering;

Mobilization & Planning
Culture, Capacity Building and Learning
Introducing Tools and Enablers
Maturity Assessment and Design of the Journey
C-Suite Oversight
Target Operating Model
Scenario and Planning
Coaching the Implementation
Introducing Tools and Enablers


How we operate

    A professional or an organization feels the need to transform their business strategies in order to overcome the particular challenges they currently face.
    We work closely with the Professional and/or team to find the best applicable road map that will help them gain back control and prepare themselves for the future.
  • DATA
    With various experience, reports and data collected over the years, we guide the client towards resilience and teach them how to prepare for unpredictability and successfully respond to sudden changes and unexpected challenges in the business.
    Our company continues to oversee the client apply what they've learned through our coaching and community so they can successfully sustain and continue to manage their now thriving business.

Resilience.etc will invest for the future of our Community and a Resilient Working World; and we’ll make this happen together, by sharing, exchanging, experiencing, challenging and coaching. In this journey, thankfully, everyone has a say and wants to pitch in.

The Mean of our Community covers Sectorial Bodies, Clients, Professionals, Advisors, New Comers and the Community.

One of the things we do differently is to match Professionals and the Community acting as a bridge in between.

The Business Network : Benchmarks matching Good Practicionars with Professionals and Clients.

The Professionals Network : A significant number of Professionals are on board under the name of Resilience.etc as SME.s (Subject Matter of Experts). By doing this, each and every one in this network will feel themselves useful, acknowledge that they have a say and experience to share with others. And by doing so, feels like a part of the Risk and Resilience community investing the future of the Community.

The New Comers : We’ll invest in our future by involving the new Comers, our Future, into the Projects.

And the Community : Make a Wish Turkey and Goodforall Teams getting involved guiding us to allocate our earnings into the lives of others.


«We have a say, which is completely different than what has been said : becoming Sole Partner for All»
- The Business, Clients, Professionals, Advisors, New Comers and the Community.


Out of the Box Thinking and Challenging ourselves for a Resilient Working World, bringing in innovative tools and enablers.


4 in 1 Business Model of Resilience.etc, via Transforming Risk, Value Adding Audit and Control, Digital Age and end-to-end Resilience Practice considering Crisis Management, Business Continuity, Disaster Recovery and Emergency Management.


Business Focus Strategic Offerings including but not limited to Integrated all in one solution, Coaching, Managed Services, Competency Center, Digital Tools/Enablers, Exchange Platform and Events


Solution partnership with Sole Partner(s), High-end Clients and Best in Class Practioners, Top 30 Global Focus Group.


Flexible and Adoptable Business Model beyond Resilience or Robustnes, considering the needs of the Professionals, Clients and the Community.


Good for All principle for the Community involving not only Risk and Resilence Professionals, Clients, Talented Advisory Team, New Comers, but also the Community involving Make a Wish Turkey and Goodforall.club.


What they say about us


We build businesses TOGETHER.