Who are We

Who are We : Resilience.etc Management Consulting

Resilience.etc is uniquely qualified to make the journey of
Mindfull Resilience a great success for the benefit of ‘all’.

Resilience.etc Team has extensive experience in Risk, Business Continuity, Disaster Recovery, Cyber and Crisis Management, but also in Resilience Practice.

Resilience.etc has game-changer Sole Partnerships with global players in the market being able to provide end-to-end service to the Clients (please see the Sole Partnerships of Resilience.etc in the next slide)

Resilience.etc has SME agreements with Risk and Resilience Professionals in the global market with a vast experience to complete the puzzle of Value Propositions of the Journey.

The Trademarks of Resilience.etc Consulting Group :

Who are We
DRI Turkey

DRI Turkey
a Trademark of Resilience.etc Consulting Group

DRI Turkey is the non-exclusive partner of DRI International acting as a chapter for DRII in Turkey, East Europe and Middle East. DRI Turkey Team is also qualified to provide DRI Course worldwide.

Certified Professionals
Certified Professionals
Certified Professionals in
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The Institude of Resilience

Ready to Get Certified!

Resilience Academy provides value-adding, globally recognised Coaching and Training Services. 

Organizations are now reassessing how to address issues with an end-to-end Risk Management Practice, and there is a growing trend to move away from the ‘minimum necessary’ for compliance purposes to a ‘proportionate response capability’ to ensure an effective and proactive Management understanding and culture within the organization.

To build up a Mindful Organization and sustain the culture within the Organization, Resilience Academy provides training and coaching services aiming to increase key competencies for Professionals, help eager new-comers to create talented profiles, increase and improve awareness and corporate culture via the Training and Coaching Services.

the Institude of Resilience is the main differentiator with dedicated, tailor-made and value-adding qualification programs, creating value  for the lives of Risk and Resilience Professionals and the Corporates.

Our main goal is to assure the required capabilities for our Clients, Risk and Resilience Professionals and the Community.

the Institude of Resilience provides;

  • Certification Courses of DRI International for Resilience Professionals
  • Certification Courses of FERMA for Risk Professionals
  • Tailored Courses – developed and certified by Resilience.etc
  • IRCA Registered ISO 22301 and ISO 31001 Lead Auditor Courses
  • Resilience Awareness Week
  • E-learning platform
  • Coaching for Professionals with «Nefes Odası»
  • Development Center Services
Recovery Planner Turkey

Toolkit for Resilience Practice!

Resilience.etc Consulting is the exclusive partner of Recovery Planner Inc (USA) in Turkey and non-exclusive in MENA. 

RPX is a cloud-based Resiliency solution that supports all stages of Continuity Planning and Management.  From data integration and automation to communications and plan creation, updating, exercising and Mass Notification…

  • Out of the Box, All-in-One Software Suite:
    • Business Continuity, Risk, BIA, Compliance, Reporting, Automatic Notification, Emergency / Crisis Management, Testing and Vendor Management
  • Mobile App and Other Key Features
  • On-Site License (if preferred)
  • Multi Language including Turkish
  • Unlimited Concurrent License
  • Easy Access: SaaS, Cloud-based / Centralized Location
  • Secure: Info Security Certifications & Pen Testing

SME - Subject Matter Experts of Resilience.etc Consulting

Resilience.etc Consulting has global, dedicated teams of consultants with deep expertise and broad networks in a variety of industries and functional areas.

Meet Our SME.s

Sole Partners

No one is good at everything, we’ll truly scale your business together !

Meet Our Partner

Allianz Partners
MED Akademi
DRI International
Kredi Kayıt Bürosu
Sabancı Üniversitesi
İstanbul Teknik Üniversitesi
Recovery Planner
Alize Yatçılık
Allianz Teknik
Make A Wish
Good For All
Ernst & Young

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