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Mean of Resilience

We are confident that, Resilience is the ability to deal with the setbacks. The more resilient we are, the more easier it wil be to pick the Organisation up and recover back to what gives meaning to our organisation and the reason of our being in our Professional life.

As stated in a Japanese Proverb : Nana Korobi ya oki – Fall seven times, rise eight. So, Resilence.etc will focus on creating a mindfull resilience practice for the Community, with proper training and awareness activities for the Network and Organisations, to coach the Professionals for a resilient organisation with its culture, the way of thinking, the governance and its practices.

Institute of Resilience

When the student is ready the teacher will appear.

When the student is truly ready...

The teacher will Disappear.

Lao Zi

Our Academy

The great thing about resilience is that it can be created and enhanced by experience and learning through challenges. Please check out the Institute of Resilience resources to learn about the key aspects of Mindfull Resilience.

“Ready to Get Certified!”

Value Proposition of “the Institude of Resilience”:

the Institude of Resilience is the main differentiator with dedicated, tailor-made and value-adding qualification programs, proposing value  for Risk and Resilience Professionals and the Corporates

the Institude of Resilience provides;

  - Master Program for Risk Professionals

  - Master Program for Resilience Professionals

  - Coaching for Executives and Risk & Resilience Professionals

  - Toolkit for Risk and Resilience Professionals

  - Tailored Course design, delivery and monitoring

  - Awareness Campaing design and delivery

  - Corporate Events

  - Online Training Program design and development

  - Development Center Services for Client Requests. 

Our target is to provide the required capabilities for our Clients, Risk and Resilience Professionals and the Community.

Value Proposition

The Institude of Resilience aims to provide a value-adding service to the Professionals via;

  - Understanding the Business and better matching current Practices;

  - Design, develop and execute the best adopted tailored courses and programs;

  - Helping Professionals learn more on the Practices, taking their individual and team performance to an upper level;

  - Instant guidance by face to face to virtual caching sessions;

  - Certification of Professionals and Teams;

  - Lean, value-adding and tailored e-learning or other platforms for Learning Practices

1. Certification: Creating a Hub of Certified Professionals and Qualified Teams in the Organisations is the main purpose of “The Academia” by Resilience.etc. The Academia provides globally well-know Certification Courses by DRI Internationals and other Sole Partners within the Network.

2. Tailor-made Solutions: The Academia team focuses on creating value by tailored Certification, Qualification and Events, adopted to and owned by the Clients for a sustainable learning organization. Services provided by The Academai include but not limited to organizational development strategy and planning, e-learnings and video, challenge workshops, on-site and off-site learning activities, industry and practice events, corporate games, films and others based on the need of the Client and Business Context.

3. Coaching: Based on the need of the Glocal Business Context, Resilience.etc provides guidance to the Professionals and their Teams to find the Best Applicable Road Map for their Journey, helping the Client discovering the Purpose (at the particular point in time) and the Way to proceed to invest in “it”, planning for unpredictable to become more resilient and ready to act.

Key Services by the Institute of Resilience

- Coaching for Executives

- Coaching for Risk and Resilience Professionals

- Master Certification Programs for Risk and Resilience

- IRCA registered Lead Auditor Certification Courses

- Toolkit for Risk and Resilience Professionals

- Tailored Course Development

- E-Learning and V-Learning Program Design, Development

- End-to-End Training Services

- E-Learning Platform and Services

- Challenge Workshop : Need vs Capacity

- R.A.C.I. and Competency Matrix

- Awareness Campaing design and delivery

- Corporate Events

- Hosting Services for Indoor Trainings at the Resilience Academy Venue


How can I get the best benefit enrolling a Sole Partnership with “The Academia” ?

The Academia by Resilience.etc offers the Business Partners, so called “Clients” to develop a mid and long term road map to build up the Risk and Resilience capacity within the Organisation by integrated and tailored learning practice. As a Sole Partner, The Academia brings in 50 Shades of Learning based on the agreed Strategy, “as is” to “future” foot print, Industry Practices, Latest Cases, Benchmarks and Exchange by Professionals.

What do I get out of the Certification Programs ? Whay should I invest in “it”?

The Academia certifies individuals and provides various levels of active professional certification in a number of areas. Certifications acknowledge an organisation’s and/or individual's effort to achieve a professional level of competency in Risk and Resilence Universe.

Do never postpose this opportunity to advance your level of certification by a local Sole Partner bringing in the Global Certifications as a local provider.

Getting Certifed leads to greater capacity and capabilities fort he Individual and Organisations , but also confidence, career flexibility, and better job satisfaction.

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