Coaching for professionals.

We have designed a unique Coaching Programme. Here is our ideology:

  • 01
    Feel the Need
    A Professional or an Organization feels the need to expand themselves.
  • 02
    Study the Road Map
    Resilience.etc guides the Professional and their team to find the best applicable road map for their particular journey.
  • 03
    Invest in You
    The Professional accepts the journey we provide and makes the conscious choice to invest in ”It”
  • 04
    Plan Ahead
    The newly found approach of the Resilience Practice helps the Professional to plan for the unpredictable and build resilience.
  • 05
    Keep Learning
    We continue to challenge the professional and test if they are implementing good practices and learning from failures.

Tailored Training Programs

Resilience Academy provides training programs specifically tailored for the Clients, based on their expectations, practices with Cases and Benchmarks. Workshops, Challenge Sessions, Classroom Courses, and e-learning programs are the main drivers in this space.

E-Learning Platform Solution

E-Learning Programs

Industry Events and Workshops

Dedicated Corporate Games & Films

Ready to start this journey?