We enhance the capacity and capabilities of our Clients and create a sustainable team

The Resilience Academia provides Exclusive Certification Courses, 1to1 Coaching for Executives, Risk and Resilience Professionals, and the Resilience Master Program.


Fresh ideas & unique approach


Resilience Academy differentiates itself with its dedicated coaches, tailor-made coaching and value-adding qualification programs designed specifically for Risk and Resilience Professionals and Corporations.


We believe that in current times, learning in typical classrooms does not work anymore. Rather than a teacher-student dynamic, we create an interactive space and a supportive dynamic of workshops led by qualified coaches where collaboration is the true goal.

Resilience Guides

Our goal is to provide the required capabilities for our Clients, Risk and Resilience Professionals and the Community at large. We provide:
  • Courses developed and certified by Resilience etc.
  • Resilience Awareness Week
  • E-learning programs
  • Globally certified Professional Practices by DRI International
  • Coaching
  • ISO 22301 Internal Audit and Lead Auditor Courses by a BSI – A Global Certification and Training Provider
  • Development Center Services for Client Requests

Possibilities we provide

Certification for Professionals

Resilience Academy provides various levels of active professional certification in a number of areas.
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Coaching for Professionals

Resilience etc. designs a unique Coaching Programme for ambitious professionals in Risk and Resilience.
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Master Programme

The Academy provides a Resilience Professional Master Program designed and tailored by the Resilience etc. SMEs.
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Ask a question

Why should I get certified?
The Certified Courses of Resilience Academy provide the most widely recognized and respected business continuity and resilience certifications in the world. Resilience Academy only certifies professionals that have demonstrated both knowledge and experience in resilience, crisis management, business continuity and/or disaster recovery profession.
What qualifications do I need to have in order to enroll in the certification program?
DRI and Risk Academy Courses do not require any specific qualifications. However, in order to ensure effective results from the training programs, we consult with the attendees in advance in order to ensure the best team structure for each course.
How much is it going to cost?
Resilience Academy has exclusivity agreements with DRI International and other Sole Partners to offer special price for all DRI International Courses and others. Early bird opportunities provide extra discounted rates for each course. Feel free to contact us for more details.
What determines the itinerary of one-on-on coaching?
The Coaching Program for Risk and Resilience Professionals is tailor-designed for the interested professional’s needs. We work closely with the Professional and/or team to find the best applicable road map for their specific purpose and intent. Once both parties make an agreement to make the investment, we guide the client towards resilience and teach them not only how to prepare for unpredictability, but also how to respond to sudden changes and unexpected challenges in the business. Even after the coaching is completed, we continue to support and challenge our clients, who become part of our Community.

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