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Mindful Resilience.

Resilience is the grounded state of effectively coping with challenges rising up from unexpected events and circumstances. We define ourselves by our dedication to teach resilience to the professional world and our community.

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We aim to provide guidance to supporting professional individuals and organizations by coaching effective adaptability and coping strategies and guiding them through unpredictable challenges that require mindful resilience.

Risk Transformation

Enterprise Risk Management Solutions transforms current practices such as Control, Planning and GRC Tools into an end-to-end solution while redefining a Risk Universe with Strategies, Governance, Risk Depot, and implementing a Risk Management Program in place.

The Art of Resilience

Our practice focuses on Risks, Threats, Response and Recovery Strategies. We tailor our Contingency Plans for Top Risks Geopolitical, Operational, Reputational, Financial, Cyber etc.) and exhibit Business Continuity, Disaster Recovery, Crisis Management and Emergency Planning.

Crisis Coach on Board

R.etc Professionals are on board to structure the fittest Governance Model for Crisis Management. They build up Crisis Team and Support Systems, producing the required competency and capacity within the organization as well as planning Simulation Events.

Certification Hub

Our Academy provides Exclusive Certification Courses, Resilience Master Program and one-on-one Coaching for Executives and Risk & Resilience Professionals. Its goal is to enhance the capacity and capabilities of clients and create a sustainable, competent team.

The Service Center

We provide a net of strategic arrangements with our clients with a mission to deliver a well-defined set of high-value services on a recurring or annuity basis, in the end increasing the organizations' value via full transfer of responsibilities including people and assets.

Professionals on Board

Our Staffing and Loan Program offers a network of Professionals - Partners - coaching both parties through their journey. We match the highest caliber of Talents and Certified Professionals for “hard to fill” senior and operational Risk and Resilience positions.
We invest for the future of our Community by sharing our knowledge, exchanging ideas, experiencing your challenges with you and coaching business resilience. Together, we can build a Resilient Working World.
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It’s clear that a key challenge for today’s Business Context is the needs to integrate the Resilience Program components into a holistic approach, breaking down the existing organizational, operational and tactical silos and old-fashioned way of doing business.

We have developed a program to help high executives and their team be up to date with the changing times and prepare them to deal with unexpected high-risk issues.

  • Mobilization & Planning
  • Assessment
  • Design
  • Capacity Building & Implementation
  • Learning & Development


How we operate

    A professional or an organization feels the need to transform their business strategies in order to overcome the particular challenges they currently face.
    We work closely with the Professional and/or team to find the best applicable road map that will help them gain back control and prepare themselves for the future.
  • DATA
    With various experience, reports and data collected over the years, we guide the client towards resilience and teach them how to prepare for unpredictability and successfully respond to sudden changes and unexpected challenges in the business.
    Our company continues to oversee the client apply what they've learned through our coaching and community so they can successfully sustain and continue to manage their now thriving business.

Our Academy

The great thing about resilience is that it can be created and enhanced by experience and learning through tough challenges. To learn about the key aspects of Mindful Resilience, check out out our Academy. To learn about the key aspects of Mindful Resilience, check out out our Academy.


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